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  • Women on Boards : Davies Review Annual Report 2015

    Women on BoardsProgress reported today in the Davies Report makes good and encouraging reading. There is no doubt that business has embraced the issue and is getting on with it. As highlighted though, there is more to be done in getting women to the Exec level and retaining them earlier in their careers to maintain a strong pipeline.

    Many of our clients are focused on this with a range of initiatives at play.

    ‎There is no quick fix, but we are optimistic that, over time, and particularly as Boards see the positive results of a more diverse senior teams,  we will see greater balance in the Executive cadre.  Having more women Non Executives is a great start….


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  • Female Drop outs?

    Female drop outs?

    Well done the 30% Club for tackling  what they rightly describe as the danger zone, women between 28-38, which is the time many drop out of the work force to start a family, and do not return.

    Other women programmes are tackling this important issue too with the Mentoring Foundation introducing their Next Generation programme alongside their very successful FTSE 100 Cross Mentoring scheme which they have run for some time.

    We are doing our bit at Per Ardua and will be hosting some informal dinners aimed at providing insights from women who have gone all the way.  Deanna Oppenheimer, formerly CEO of the Retail Bank at Barclays, and now on the Group Boards of AXA and Tesco, will be our inaugural  guest speaker.

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  • How to create an outstanding CFO

    This article draws out the strategic nature of the CFO role. In the financial services sector, and life insurance in particular, which is a very complex to explain financially, the ability of the CFO to relate the strategy of the business to analysts and market stakeholders through the numbers is critical to competitive success and indeed the share price! The CFO’s influence in determining the business’ strategic direction is increasingly vital.  CEO’s and Boards look to their CFOs not just to protect the financial assets of the business, but to play their full part in shaping direction. It’s not really surprising that a natural next step for the CFO is often into the CEO role.

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  • Women on boards

    The conclusion not to introduce quotas alongside the targets set for female representation on Boards is interesting.  FTSE 100 companies have until 2015 to get to 25% female Board representation.  This is very likely to be fulfilled through an increase in female NED appointments. Because the report highlights the crux of the issue in a great diagram on page 16, which every woman should have pinned by their bathroom mirror – the dearth of women in senior management and executive grades.  Wise Boards will not need a quota to reach the 2015 target and crucially will also get on with addressing and fixing the lack of female talent in the executive cadre.

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