Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Per Ardua we recognise that diverse representation in organisations, especially at senior levels does not yet reflect broader society. 

As a valuesdriven organisation, we have been particularly active in advising clients on the full spectrum of diversity to create effective leadership and better organisations for all. 

Our Culture and Purpose 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion embodies and drives our hiring culture, purpose, collaborative approach and professional relationships.  For us, DE&I forms the essential foundation of a positive working environment and is core to the building of the next generation of talent. A truly diverse workforce is better able to achieve success through a wide-ranging understanding of society, culture, opportunities and solutions. It fosters better decision-making, customer understanding and offers a competitive advantage. 

Talent Advisory 

Diversity is often painted with a broad brush, but Per Ardua Associates recognise that groups are made of individuals and should be treated so throughout the search process. We support our clients proactively to think more creatively about how they target, source and retain diverse talent; but this doesn’t come without its challenges. A high level of commitment and a creative outlook is required to support our clients in creating a diverse working environment.  We are committed to providing balanced shortlists, diverse succession projects, cultural research, network partnerships and talent pipelines. 

Turning Words into Action – Per Ardua Associates 

Per Ardua Associates champion positive actions as a necessity in building longer term diverse talent at both the future leader, executive and NED levels.  Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee has set out a number of parameters with which we continually hold ourselves to account. We actively track our own performance of diverse placements against a range of criteria. Internally we have been focusing on our own cultural awareness and education through open dialogue and training groups so that we can continue to improve, as well as being better able to assist clients.  

Some actions we have initiated are as follows: 

  • Signed up to the 10,000 black intern programme  
  • Mentorship 
  • Partner to the Brokerage’s 25 Young Leaders Programme
  • Women Ahead breakfasts 
  • Conscious inclusion training 
  • Supporting MIND  
  • Partner with networks including the 30% Club, City Women’s Network, Real Estate Balance 

Future Commitment 

“We are still improving but we will continue to push ourselves and our clients to prevent all forms of discrimination and create organisations where diversity, equity and inclusion are commonplace and valued.” 

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