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Equality in Business

“Like most, I was appalled by what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25th May. This was shocking in that it was a killing, online and for us all to witness. It seemed callous and violent – the culprits were supposed to be society’s protectors, not killers.

I understand totally that this and other killings, have made people around the world angry and with a feeling of desperation; desperation that this is still going on. Here in the UK, we cannot sit back; we also need to end discrimination and fully (and outwardly) promote equality across our injured society.

Without a doubt the Recruitment industry has a part to play and frankly, a lot more to do. We are in a position, as an executive search firm, to assist in making our society a more equal one – with better representation on company boards and amongst the executive ranks. We need to challenge ourselves and our clients to drive this change and to break the cycle. We should do more and we will do more.

Per Ardua ad Astra…….through adversity to the stars.”

Simon Hearn
Per Ardua Associates Limited

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