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FTSE Boards need strong risk functions to address the burgeoning threat of cyber crime

Andrew France should know – he has been in the cyber defence business for 30 years we gather – at GCHQ in the UK.  If it is the case that upwards of $14bn alone was lost in the UK market to cyber security issues – then it is a major concern for all Boards, irrespective of the size of the company.  In the UK financial services community this is becoming a concern for CEOs.  My worry is that it will take a major publicised attack of one of our FTSE companies before this becomes the priority it should be on Boards and covered off adequately at Chief Technology (CTO) or Chief Risk Officer (CRO) level.

I would be very interested to hear how companies such as Darktrace can help move this forward.  As a firm advising Boards on recruitment – we will be looking into this.

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