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Take a step back from the Boardroom to see the bigger picture

In this document, Deloitte recognise that the financial services industry today is a complex world, challenged by changing regulatory and Governmental recommendations, consumer demands and an unpredictable environment.  The question posed is, how do even skilled and accomplished executives combat these challenges to ensure the success and smooth functioning of the companies they head up?

Of the seven leadership principles Deloitte suggests executives adopt to adapt to complexity within financial services, the majority seem fairly rudimentary – communicate clearly, demonstrate genuine personal commitment to the company, pre-empt risk and have strong succession planning in place.  More interestingly, however, Deloitte notes executives should “tune into the shadow system”, meaning it is wise to gain insights into peoples’ perspectives towards the company, both from internal and external sources.

As an executive search firm well versed in placing effective leaders into insurance, asset management and retail banking; Per Ardua wholly support the principle of tapping into people’s perceptions to add value and aid decision makers.  We differentiate ourselves through our use of ‘upfront referencing’, and ‘market test’ across our networks to gain a broad perspective of views on the industry as a whole, your company in particular or even teams and individuals.  We have frequently seen this type of market commentary make a wealth of difference and impact positively upon company strategies.  It is no wonder in our minds, that Deloitte also see the enormous benefit of taking a step back from the Boardroom to see the bigger picture.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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