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April 2014 saw the Per Ardua team whisked out of the country for our annual BASH (Bosses’ Annual Secret Happening). A secret until a matter of days before, we were presented with Eurostar tickets and a fairly comprehensive list of suggested reading! The destination, the Battlefields of Waterloo in Belgium.

Graeme Cooper runs “Corporate Battlefields” and was our knowledgeable guide around the key sites and battlefields where Wellington defeated Napoleon. We aimed to develop our leadership skills through gaining insight into the decisions made on the battlefield, of course finding time to eat, drink and be merry – and get thoroughly soaked in the April showers too!

We discussed putting into practice ‘Mission Command’ – empowering active leadership at all levels, not just from the top, and creating an environment for leadership and initiative to flourish. This style fitted well with Per Ardua’s collegiate , non-hierachical and transparent culture.