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Jamie Risso-Gill Quoted in The Irish Times

“A major consideration for individuals will be around schooling and their families, and London is very difficult to beat in that regard,” Per Ardua’s Jamie Risso-Gill comments on the future

Banking and Brands Post Crisis…

Emma Dunkley’s piece in the Financial Times, Banks fight to repair damage to brands after financial crisis, raises some important questions about the future of the banking industry and contrasts the

Competition in Banking

Competition in banking – advantageous for the banks’ customers? In response to this article by John Kay published in the Financial Times, I would agree that it is not yet a

Banks have to learn to compete on good behaviour

In this article, Bradley Fried in the Financial Times highlights the challenges facing the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards.  He identifies the potential danger to the UK banking industry of

How can you judge a bank CEO?

Stephen Hester – Chief Executive – press and media Personally, I think most people have probably had enough of the banking bonus press coverage. This Economist article is an interesting