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Reforming Corporate Governance

The reform of corporate governance has been a matter for debate for over two decades now, following the publication of the Cadbury Report on governance in 1992.  The topic received

Take a step back from the Boardroom to see the bigger picture

In this document, Deloitte recognise that the financial services industry today is a complex world, challenged by changing regulatory and Governmental recommendations, consumer demands and an unpredictable environment.  The question

How internal audit can add strategic value

“Can internal audit add value beyond its primary purpose? In this article by KPMG, the response is that it ought to, but how can this be achieved? Principally, there is

Women on FTSE Boards

Women on FTSE Boards “We believe this is not just FTSE boards – but a major issue on most boards, including subsidiary boards – and never more so than in

Insurers are valuable in the investment world

This is a timely article about the re-emergence of insurers as destinations of choice for asset owners.  Insurers are being reminded that their value in the investment world is increasingly