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Per Ardua’s Women Breakfast

Per Ardua hosted a breakfast in conjunction with the 30% Club and Women Ahead at their office on International Women’s Day. This was a chance for a number of senior

Per Ardua NED School 2017

This was the beginning of what we have called NED School. Where eight NEDs, with an aspiration to become chairman, spent half a day with us. You can read the

Pantheon Leadership Consulting is born!

Over the next two months, Jennifer Jones will be assisting the Lead Team in putting together our new leadership consulting business. We will create an offering which surpasses client expectations

Charles Harvey featured in Fund Strategy

Selecting leaders who have the right attributes to identify a path to sustainable growth for their business has never been more important than in the asset management world today. What

When the IIC came to London

IIC Partners is an International Global Network of like-minded search firms.We met in London for our global conference. Of the 45 firms approximately 40 were represented in countries crossing all

Per Ardua hosts HR Dinner

An excellent dinner was held at the top of the Gherkin with a number of key HR Directors from the Insurance sector. Kim Birnie, Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach,